54: Independence/Empowerment: Confidence

54: Independence/Empowerment: Confidence

‘Confidence is not ‘they will like me’, confidence is ‘I will be ok if they don’t”                       -Unknown

‘Only weak-minded people get offended at someone else’s opinion.’ -Unknown

For this post, I started by thinking about confidence. I found these two quotes. I thought about how I could relate them to MLS and nonconformity. I came up with this scenario/story.

Scenario/Story: A MLS player is getting ready to go to a formal event. He walks to his closet. He puts on a collared button-down shirt, a pair of dress pants, a tie, a pair of dress shoes, and a watch. The last thing he needs is a jacket. He goes to another closet in his house and pulls out a hot pink jacket. He puts on the jacket and leaves his house. The player arrives at the formal event. Several people make comments about what he is wearing. He smiles and says, ‘I play for MLS’. You see a hot pink MLS logo.

‘Always be you,’

‘Real MLS players wear pink’


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53: Independence/Empowerment: Success

53: Independence/Empowerment: Success

‘Success is sometimes the outcome of a whole string of failures’ -Van Gogh

‘Ever tried.

Ever failed.

No matter.

Try again.

Fail again.

Fail better.’ -Samuel Beckett

I really like these two quotes. They helped me to come up with this idea for MLS.

Scenario/Story: A MLS player is standing alone on a MLS field. He has several soccer balls in front of him. He tries to make a goal from the mid-field line. He keeps trying, but he can’t make the goal. The next day, he goes back to the field. He keeps trying to make the goal, but he can’t. The player decides to close his eyes. He kicks the ball and it goes in the net. He smiles. The next day, MLS has a soccer game. The same player kicks the ball and makes a goal from very far away. Everyone is amazed. He walks off the field and his coach asks him how he made the goal? He says, ‘I closed my eyes’. His coach laughs and says ‘yeah, right’. He tells the player to get ready to go back on the field. The MLS player smiles.

Nonconformity? It’s very unusual and risky for a soccer player to close his eyes while trying to make a goal. The player in the scenario takes the shot without worrying about the risk. This makes the scenario seem pretty rebellious.

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52: No Directive: Touch

52: No Directive: Touch

I really like this Audi ad. It’s very simple and to the point. It shows how a man can touch different objects and they instantly become better. I like how there is no script for this ad. I think it says a lot without saying anything at all.

How can I relate this ad to MLS and come up with a similar, but new, idea?

Scenario/Story: A MLS player wakes up in the morning. His alarm goes off. He taps the alarm and suddenly it becomes covered with rock band stickers. He goes to the kitchen. He touches a coffee maker and it turns into a speaker playing loud music. He goes to his closet. He picks out a collared shirt and it turns into a studded leather jacket. He walks out his front door and goes to his mailbox. When he touches it, it turns into an electric guitar. Finally, he goes to his car. When he touches it, it stays the same. The car is an Audi.

‘Rock on and watch MLS’

‘Drive an Audi, watch MLS, and rock on’

This idea uses rock culture to show nonconformity.

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51: No Directive: Outlines

51: No Directive: Outlines

I really liked what Ken Marcus said about the power of simplicity. I thought about Ken Marcus when I came up with this idea.

Idea: Simple outline ads. MLS hires an artist to create relatively simple outline drawings that depict MLS players doing rebellious things.


MLS player at a bar taking shots

MLS player tagging a wall

MLS player getting a tattoo

MLS player driving a sports car (speeding)

MLS player hitting on girls

Nonconformity? I think this idea represents rebelliousness. I’d like to adjust it to make it more about nonconformity.


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50: No Directive: Logo Changes

50: No Directive: Logo Changes

In my opinion, the MLS logo is a little boring. I’ve noticed that a lot of brands have a basic shape for their logo, but that they often alter their logos to make them look more interesting. What if MLS did this?


Idea 1: MLS makes subtle changes to their logo to make it look more interesting. MLS could create many different variations of the logo. These variations could be designed to look rebellious (kind of like the Volcom logo below).

Examples (subtle changes):


Idea 2: Kids draw the MLS logo. MLS could get a group of kids to draw pictures for MLS. They could draw the MLS logo. They could try the MLS team logos. They could also draw pictures of MLS players. Kids could definitely make the MLS logo look more interesting.


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49: No Directive: Neon Signs

49: No Directive: Neon Signs

Idea: MLS stadium entrances surrounded by neon light signs. The neon light signs could be in the shape of soccer players, soccer balls, soccer goals, etc… They could be in the shape of the different MLS team logos. The signs could also have rebellious sayings (ex. do what you want, never conform, go rogue). These signs could be used to draw attention to the MLS stadium entrances.

Nonconformity? I think the rebellious sayings show nonconformity. I also think neon signs appeal to indie culture and this relates to MLS.

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48: No Directive: Archetype

48: No Directive: Archetype

What is MLS’s archetype?

In my opinion, the outlaw/rebel archetype suits MLS best. However, I think it’s possible that MLS could also have the motivator archetype.

The goal of the motivator archetype is to encourage people and get them involved in a cause. MLS is about nonconformity and rebelliousness, but it’s also about empowering people to be who they are. MLS encourages their fans to be themselves and do what makes them happy. MLS is somewhat motivational.

Idea 1 (outlaw/rebel archetype): MLS creates an ad showing MLS players doing rebellious things (ex. driving fast cars, tagging walls, drinking alcohol). The ad could have somewhat of a comedic feel. This would prevent MLS from making their players look bad. The ad would only be intended to show the outlaw/rebel archetype.


Idea 2 (motivator archetype): MLS creates ads showing MLS players doing things to help the community (ex. volunteering, planting trees, teaching kids how to play soccer). These ads could have a lighthearted, positive feel. These ads would make MLS look good. They would portray the motivator archetype.


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