1: List of 90 Ideas

  1. Many soccer balls are laid out in a soccer field. All of the balls are traditional white/black, except one that has a red, white, and blue pattern (representing MLS colors).
  2. A young man (could be a famous MLS player) is standing in his closet. He puts on a dress shirt and a formal designer coat. When he turns around, you see that he has a large red, white, and blue MLS logo on his coat.
  3. Refuse to Conform. See What You Create. A young woman is throwing paint at a large white canvas. She throws many different colors and very quickly. After she is finished, she sees that the paint has formed a MLS logo.
  4. Two young boys are sitting in a classroom. All of the other kids are quietly reading and writing. The two boys leave their classroom and sneak out to go play soccer.
  5. A woman is rushing out the door so she can make it to a formal event. She walks out her door, looks down, and realizes she put on her soccer cleats instead of her heels. She leaves for the event.
  6. A child is looking for a bowl. He is unable to find one so he takes his sister’s new bright pink soccer ball, punches a hole in it, and uses the deflated shape as a bowl.
  7. There is a drawn depiction of a seed growing into a red flower. The picture shows that a watering can labeled ‘nonconformity’ is used to water the plant
  8. Six stick figures are in a line. Five figures have a speech bubble with a blank circle in it. One stick figure has a MLS soccer ball in his speech bubble.
  9. There is a molecule with the name MLS. The molecule is shown and then there are flashes of soccer game footage. Attraction
  10. There is a picture of an expensive white designer bag. The bag appears to have a typical designer logo on the front. If you look at it closer, it’s actually a MLS logo.
  11. David Beckham drinking water out of a MLS trophy
  12. A girl has red, white, and blue hair
  13. A young woman is walking down a very busy street. She sees several young men playing soccer. She runs over, steals the ball, and makes a goal
  14. There’s a new extremely expensive sports car. The logo on the car is the same as MLS
  15. Graffiti murals. MLS player, fields, logos etc… Street Art
  16. A young man grabs a bucket full of spray paints. He climbs up to the roof of his house and writes ‘Game Day’ in MLS colors. He lives in a very nice neighborhood
  17. MLS phone cases. Strange designs
  18. A young girl is walking down a hallway in her school. All of the girls in her school appear to be wearing almost the exact same outfit. She is wearing a shirt that says ‘I hate conformity’
  19. A model is wearing a MLS jersey down a runway
  20. MLS fan jerseys. Each one is different
  21. A girl has long braided hair. The braided design makes a MLS logo
  22. MLS players skip a practice and go to a school to play soccer with some kids
  23. A MLS player is driving a bright pink sports car
  24. A teenage boy is sitting in a classroom wearing a medieval costume and working on a science experiment
  25. Tie-dye letters spell out MLS. Be colorful
  26. A girl gets a tattoo that has a heart and says dad
  27. A MLS player gets a large tattoo of his MLS team’s logo. This way he can always wear his badge
  28. Some of the most successful people in the world refuse to conform. There is a picture of several well-known celebrities making strange faces
  29. MLS travels to several third world countries. They show the different ways people play soccer/football around the world
  30. Be weird. Picture of a famous soccer players acting strange
  31. A young man is driving very fast down a winding road. He sees police lights in his rear view mirror. He pulls over. When the officer walks up to the car, the driver holds out a badge with a MLS logo. The officer lets him go
  32. Skydiving for MLS
  33. Pictures of ‘nonconforming’ famous people. Some of the most successful people in this world became that way because they refused to conform
  34. Two girls go to the beach. They have MLS sticker all over their bodies. They get home and their tan lines are in the shapes of the stickers
  35. Skateboarders are known for being rule breakers. MLS sponsors a skate park
  36. There’s a depiction of the phases of the moon. The ‘full’ moon is a soccer ball
  37. A kid shows up to school in a Halloween costume
  38. If everyone is trying to be different, does that mean we’re all the same?
  39. There are times when it’s good to conform. But not at a MLS game. Some people are dressed without any team colors
  40. Be yourself, everyone else is taken –Oscar Wilde. Many quotes about conformity could be shown
  41. A girl is eating apples in a grocery store and leaving them on shelves as she shops
  42. A photographer creates a collection of street art photography
  43. MLS has a game and all the players have to play in football gear
  44. A player shaves his head and has a MLS logo design
  45. A boy is in an art museum and he touches all of the paintings
  46. A guy is holding a pair of scissors. He has cut out part of his shirt to form a MLS logo.
  47. MLS players talk about why they like MLS and why they support nonconformity
  48. A kid goes to the beach, walks back to his hotel covered in sand and jumps in the pool
  49. A girl has a leather jacket with many badges on it. Each representing a different MLS team
  50. I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself –Rita Mae Brown
  51. I don’t believe we were put here with all of our differences to conform to a uniform state of mind –Sonya Teclai
  52. A soccer stadium is closed. The players sneak in and play anyways. ‘We play for MLS’
  53. Why conform? Simple slogan idea
  54. Many apples are laid out. All are red and one is green
  55. Punk rock concert. Photos are taken of many different people
  56. There is a MLS game. The teams switch goalies and see what happens
  57. MLS trophy shaped shot glasses
  58. MLS creates a series of soccer balls. Each one is unique
  59. A MLS stadium is built to look like a trophy
  60. MLS mascots have a soccer game
  61. There are a lot of white marbles. One is white and black (like a soccer ball)
  62. A girl is in the shower and talking on the phone
  63. Someone drives an electric car to a MLS game (Environmental nonconformity)
  64. There are a lot of white flowers, one is red
  65. A girl goes to a famous national park and wants to take a hike. Everyone is going one direction. She decides to take a different path. She finds an incredible view
  66. A girl has to wear a uniform to school. She gets to school and changes into a MLS shirt and a pair of ripped jeans
  67. Three kids are in the principal’s office. They all have MLS t-shirts
  68. Be weird.
  69. MLS partners with a liquor brand and make a unique new drink
  70. A guy puts soccer ball stickers on a bunch of pedestrian crossing signs. It looks like a person kicking a ball
  71. A kid is walking down a hallway. He is the only one with a roller backpack
  72. MLS hires a graffiti artist to come and paint all of the stadiums
  73. A person is in NYC and they kick a soccer ball as they are walking down the street. This person frustrates many people and records the reactions
  74. MLS creates a song about nonconformity. It becomes a sort of game anthem
  75. There is a backpack with a bunch of MLS badges on it. Very literal idea
  76. There is a tree. All of the leaves are green except one
  77. A girl goes outside and tries to paint all of the flowers in her yard. Play on Alice and Wonderland
  78. A girl pours cereal into a bowl. She uses coffee instead of milk
  79. A guy is wearing bright red lipstick. A girl is wearing a suit
  80. Apple works with MLS to make an app about nonconformity and MLS
  81. A person is walking down a street with an inside out umbrella
  82. Be original and you’ll always win. A player makes an unusual move and makes a goal
  83. MLS promotes a music festival with a lot of ‘nonconforming’ artists
  84. It is better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not –Andre Gide. Be who you are
  85. MLS players all dye their hair different colors
  86. Several popular clothing brands create collections of MLS themed clothing
  87. All art is based on nonconformity –Ben Shahn. Relate art to MLS
  88. A girl goes to get a new license and she sticks out her tongue for the picture. She is wearing a MLS shirt
  89. Several actors do an ad for MLS. They talk about how being different made them famous
  90. A photographer takes photos of different people in NYC. Creates a collection of work about individuality

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