11: Creativity: MLS iPhone App

11: Creativity: MLS iPhone App

Idea: Almost everyone in this country uses phone apps. They are extremely useful. MLS could partner Apple and make a new MLS iPhone app. Like the current app, the new app could provide information about games, teams, players, etc… But the new app could also include information about the custom MLS gear I talked about in my previous post. People could customize their gear using the app and make purchases.

Purpose=Give fans information about MLS, fans can purchase custom gear

Problem solved=Easy way to keep up with MLS

Benefit=The app would be very convenient


Pic1 7.jpeg


One thought on “11: Creativity: MLS iPhone App

  1. I looked at this post about a week after I created it and realized it doesn’t really have anything to do with nonconformity. I need to rethink this idea.


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