12: Creativity: MLS Energy Drinks

12: Creativity: MLS Energy Drinks

Idea: This post has to do with nonconformity in advertising. MLS could partner with Red Bull and create a new MLS edition. They could create new can designs (unusual) that would appeal to MLS fans. They could also create new flavors. Red bull in bottles could also be an option?

Red Bull is such a well-known, successful brand. I think that MLS could really benefit from partnering with Red Bull, even if it were just for a short period of time.

Purpose=Drinks would give people energy

Problem solved=New energy drink flavors/can designs (more variety)

Benefit=Drinks people can enjoy and drink at games

I think my ideas may be revolving around products too much. I’m also not sure if this idea is new. 3/16

428854.silver.edition.jpg      tumblr_mi3xmteydP1r7065fo1_1280.jpgOrganic-fruit-juice-brand-design-2-200x140

Pix1 copy 4.jpeg


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