17: Mind Mapping/Word Associations: Cubism

17: Mind Mapping/Word Associations: Cubism

I started by doing a mind map for MLS. After I finished the map, I started to think about MLS and what exactly it is. MLS is a professional soccer league. It is also an organization. An organization is an organized body of people with a particular purpose, especially a business, society, association…

Then, I started to think about different forms of nonconformist art. I immediately though of Cubism, and how when it started, it was perceived as being very strange and nonconforming.

I decided to start drawing soccer figures using the cubist style. I think it would be interesting to draw or paint an array of soccer players, coaches, stadiums, equipment, in the cubist style.

0945_Seamless_preview400.jpg  lg_CubistWomanComposition.jpg




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