18: Mind Mapping/Word Associations: Masks

18: Mind Mapping/Word Associations: Masks

For this post, I started by doing a mind map. I chose to use nonconformity as the center and I continued to think about nonconformity in art. I looked up ‘nonconformistt art’ and I found a few articles about a street artist in DC who has been creating murals of beautiful girls with paint splashed over their eyes (like masks). I thought these were really beautiful and interesting and I came up with the idea of player masks.

Idea: MLS could hire artists to draw/paint MLS players and use this similar mask style. I think it’s very interesting and people would interpret it in many ways. These drawings/paintings could be used for many different MLS advertisements. I think they would be memorable and draw attention to the brand.

NEWS_1391073823.jpg  FinDAC-Moonchild-princetonorange-web

Desk 3.jpeg


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