25: Purpose: Be You

25: Purpose: Be You

Scenario/Story: A young girl walks into a DMV. She has a very serious look on her face. She knows that she’ll have to wait a while because the DMV is very busy. The girl sits down and starts to fill out paperwork. Instead of filling in her correct information, she writes fake info and draws all over the sheet. Finally, her number is called and she walks up to the teller. The teller asks her to stand against the wall so she can take her license photo. ‘You can’t smile’ says the woman. The girl takes off her jacket and walks over to the wall. When she turns around you see that she is wearing a MLS t-shirt. She sticks out her tongue and the women takes the photo. The girl leaves the DMV smiling.

This idea is supposed to be silly and rebellious. I thought of this idea when I was at the DMV the other day. I needed a new license and it took 2 hours.


1 1.jpeg


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