27: Class Discussion/Indie: Black Light Game

27: Class Discussion/Indie: Black Light Game

For this post, I decided to focus on indie music and culture.

Raves are an interesting part of indie music and culture. Raves are huge dance parties that involve performances by DJs. Raves usually take place in dark indoor venues. These venues are lit using black lights. The black lights may be positioned all over the rave venue. They create a very unique and interesting atmosphere.

Scenario/Story: Six teenage boys break into their high school at night. Each boy has a large black strobe light. They place these strobe lights around the perimeter of their high school’s indoor soccer field. The next day, the boys go to their school’s soccer game. Shortly after the game starts, the lights go off. Suddenly, the black lights turn on and all anyone can see is the outline of the field, the soccer goals, and the players jerseys. Three of the boys who snuck into the school are on the soccer team. They convince the coaches to continue the game.

You see the words ‘play differently’ as well as a MLS logo

Nonconformity? The boys in the scenario broke into their school and tampered with the lights. They did this knowing that they could get in a lot of trouble. I think that a lot of nonconformists do what they want to do without worrying about the consequences.

Also, it’s not common or practical to play soccer in the dark. This scenario is very unusual.

american-dj-big-shot-led-strobe-light-b19   20772a487b0addc60d6d51729d96466b.JPG  313632-rave

1 6.jpeg

Scan copy.jpeg



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