29: Class Discussion/Indie: Backpacks

29: Class Discussion/Indie: Backpacks

A large majority of indie people and/or ‘hipsters’ are young adults/students.  Many young adults and students carry backpacks. Backpacks have changed a lot over the years. You can find them at many different stores and you can find them in many different styles.

Idea: What if MLS created a line of backpacks? These backpacks could be sold at games or possibly at athletic stores. The backpacks could come in many different shapes and styles. The backpacks could come in unusual colors and have unique designs on them. MLS could also put its logo on each backpack.

What makes these backpacks nonconforming? The bottom of each backpack could be adjusted to form a small goal. This would make the backpacks very unique. Also, each backpack could come with a small soccer ball. This would allow people to play wherever they are and wherever they want (regardless of whether it’s an appropriate setting).

‘Play wherever, play whenever’ ‘Play anywhere, play any way’

a673zb-l-610x610-bag-hippie-tribal+print-geometric-backpack-drawstring-ropes-coachella+fashion-boho+bag-black+bag-mochila-mochilla.jpg  images copy.jpeg  full_size.jpg

1 4.jpeg

Scan 2.jpeg

Scan 2 copy.jpeg


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