30: Class Discussion/Indie: Indie Art

30: Class Discussion/Indie: Indie Art

For this post, I started by looking at many examples of indie art. I noticed that a lot of indie art is extremely visually interesting and aesthetic. I noticed that indie art usually includes a lot of color and shape. I also noticed a lot of common themes, such as nature (ex. mountains, foxes, owls, trees), people (ex. young women, portraits, skulls), and design (patterns, shapes, text).

Idea: Indie art ads. These ads could be used to draw attention to the MLS brand. MLS could hire artists to create ‘indie style’ artwork for MLS. The artwork topics could revolve around MLS players, coaches, teams, etc… If a lot of MLS fans/possible fans associate themselves with indie culture, they would probably like these ads a lot.

dream_catcher_spiral_notebook-r2ffe21439d804d66ad97be5df2bc288f_ambg4_8byvr_324.jpg  original.jpg  tumblr_n8edy9b05S1qb5t88o1_500.jpg

Scan 1.jpeg

Scan 3 copy.jpeg

Scan 3.jpeg


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