32: Build On What You Love: Best Seats?

32: Build On What You Love: Best Seats?

While I was thinking of things that I love, I thought about my camera. I love my Cannon Rebel. It has a fairly large lens that allows me to zoom in a lot when taking photos.

Scenario/Story: A group of young adults walk up to a MLS stadium. They buy tickets, enter the stadium, and try to find their seats. They notice that their seats are very far away. They walk up the bleachers for several minutes and finally make it to the top row. They all sit down. Then, one of the guys opens his backpack. He hands each person a different ‘tool’ that will allow them to see better (ex. binoculars, camera, small telescope). They use these tools to watch the game and have a very good time. You see the words, ‘Best seats?’

Nonconformity? I think that most people would just buy more expensive seats if they wanted to see better. Intentionally buying cheap seats and deciding to use binoculars is very unusual.

I’d like to make this idea more rebellious/about nonconformity.

52779.jpg  bushnell-10x50-binos

Desk copy 6.jpeg

Scan 3 1.jpeg

Scan 2.jpeg


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