33: Build On What You Love: Walking In NYC

33: Build On What You Love: Walking In NYC

In New York City, people are all about efficiency and getting where they need to go as quickly as possible. Almost everyone is in a rush. When walking on the street in NYC, people are expected to pay attention and walk at a relatively fast pace. What if a very skilled soccer player was dribbling a soccer ball while walking through NYC? I would consider this an example of nonconformity.

Scenario/Story: A young man is ‘walking’ down a street in New York City. Many people are walking in front, behind, and next to him. He seems to be walking at a normal pace, however, he is dribbling a soccer ball as he is walking. The people around him give him strange looks and some people even make rude comments. He ignores these people and continues ‘walking’. You see a MLS logo.

I was thinking about my nephews when I came up with this idea. My nephews love soccer. They are very good at it because they practice constantly, even in the house. This annoys me, but I can’t complain because they’re never really in my way. They’re very good at controlling the ball.



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