34: Patterns: Drawing On Soccer Balls

34: Patterns: Drawing On Soccer Balls

When I was in high school, many people used Sharpies to decorate their shoes. They would draw all over the white areas. What if someone used Sharpies to draw all over the white areas of a soccer ball?

Scenario/Story: A teenage boy is walking down a hallway at his school. It looks as if the school is private and probably very expensive. The boy is wearing a uniform. The boy goes home and his parents are waiting for him in the kitchen. They ask him how is day was and if he has a lot of homework. The boy answers, ‘it was good, I don’t have much’. His parents insist that he go outside and practice. ‘Soccer try-outs are tomorrow’. The boy goes outside. He practices until it gets dark, then he goes home. He walks into his room, takes off his soccer gear, and sits at his desk. The boy decides not to do his homework. Instead, he takes out a notebook and several permanent markers. He uses the markers to draw all over his new soccer ball, his new cleats, and his new shin guards. The next day, he goes to try-outs. He does very well and he makes the team. When he gets home, his parents notice that he has drawn all over his gear and they get very angry. They tell him that he has ruined his gear. They quickly change their behavior when he tells them that he made the team.

Nonconformity? The boy in the story goes to a private school. His parents seem to be somewhat strict and they seem like they have very high expectations for him. They probably spent a fair amount of money on the soccer gear they bought their son. For the boy to draw all over his gear with sharpies is pretty rebellious.

Sharpie®-Fine-Point-Permanent-Markers-Assorted-Fashion-Colors-24-Pack  IRW-30051SH-2

Scan 3 copy.jpeg

Scan 1.jpeg

Scan 3.jpeg

Sharpie art examples:

alternative-art-boho-drawing-Favim.com-3407792.jpg  il_570xN.628254081_ov28  PICT0005.JPG


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