35: Patterns: From An Early Age

35: Patterns: From An Early Age

For this post, I started by thinking about patterns in behavior. I though about habits and tendencies people have.

I also though about Linus from the Peanuts. Linus was one of Charlie Brown’s best friends. He always carried a blue blanket with him. He took this blanket everywhere and would become very upset when he was separated from it. Linus led me to think about this idea for MLS.

Scenario/Story: You see a young boy. He has a soccer ball in his hands. The boy takes the soccer ball with him everywhere he goes. You see the boy with the ball at school (classroom, lunch, recess). You see the boy at home (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom). You see the boy when he goes out with his family (restaurant, park, pool). He literally takes the soccer ball everywhere. His parents encourage him to leave the ball at home, but he refuses. Kids at school make fun of him, but he doesn’t react. You see the boy as he gets older (still has the soccer ball). Finally, the story ends when the boy is an adult. He walks out onto a MLS field carrying a new soccer ball (he is now a MLS player).

You see the words ‘Nonconformity from an early age’ or ‘Nonconforming kid? Future MLS player’


Scan 3.jpeg

Scan 2.jpeg

Scan 3 copy.jpeg


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