36: Patterns: Spray Painted Goals

36: Patterns: Spray Painted Goals

Earlier this year, I went in Colombia. In Colombia, soccer is a very popular sport. In fact, it is the most popular sport. I saw many different people playing soccer (kids, teenagers, adults). I saw people playing soccer in rural areas (on fields). I also saw people playing soccer in the city (on concrete/asphalt). In Colombia, soccer on concrete/asphalt is called ‘fútbol callejero’, or ‘street soccer’. I noticed that street soccer is very intense. People play very rough and many people get hurt because when they fall, they fall on concrete/asphalt.

While I was watching people play street soccer, I noticed something that I thought was very unusual and interesting. I noticed that people didn’t use soccer goals. Instead, they would just draw a rectangle on a wall using chalk or spray paint. I came up with this idea.

Idea: Spray painted goals. MLS shows footage of people in MLS team cities playing street soccer. They show the process of finding a place to play, finding a wall, and drawing/spray painting a goal.

Nonconformity? It’s illegal to spray paint, ‘deface’, public property. The people in this scenario spray paint on public walls despite the illegality.


Scan 2

Scan 1 copy.jpeg

Scan 1.jpeg


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