37: Patterns: Dancing

37: Patterns: Dancing

My inspiration for this post was Apple iPod ads. Apple came out with the first iPod in 2001. They used the type of ad shown below. They still use this ad style today.


Scenario/Story: You see a young girl. She is in a ballet class. It seems like her class is practicing for a big performance coming up. The girl’s ballet teacher appears to be very strict. She is very demanding and has a very stern look on her face. The girl keeps looking over her shoulder to see if her teacher is watching. Then, the girl looks at another girl in the class. The girl she looks at says, ‘I dare you’. Suddenly the girl breaks out in a crazy dance. You hear rock music and you see a MLS logo.

Alternate ending: The girl is dancing and rock music is playing. The teacher notices and asks the girl to leave the class. Before the girl leaves, she goes to get her things. She picks up an athletic bag and a soccer ball. You see a MLS logo.

‘Dare to be different’

Nonconformity? Initially, I wanted three girls to break out in a crazy dance. I decided to have one girl dancing because I think it makes the scenario more nonconforming. I also wanted a MLS logo to appear while the girl was dancing. I came up with the ‘alternate ending’ to make the idea more about MLS.


Scan 1.jpeg

Scan 1 copy

Scan 2 copy.jpeg


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