38: Patterns: Over Reactions

38: Patterns: Over Reactions

My inspiration for this idea was the way soccer players act when they make goals. Soccer players get extremely excited when they make goals. Sometimes they run around with their hands up, yelling, and sometimes they drop to their knees, yelling.

Scenario/Story: A young boy is at school. He is walking down a hallway. He seems very nervous. The bell rings. He walks into a classroom and sits down. The teacher announces that a test will start in five minutes. The boy looks out the window and sees a group of kids who are playing soccer. The teacher hands out the test. The boy takes the test and turns it in. The next day, the boy goes to the same classroom. The teacher hands back the tests and the boy sees that he got an A. He jumps out of his seat. He falls to his knees and starts yelling, ‘yaaaaay, yaaaaay’ (like a soccer player). The teacher asks him to sit down and be quiet. When class is over, the kid runs out the door and joins a group of kids who are outside playing soccer. You see a MLS logo.

Nonconformity? Obviously it’s not appropriate to jump out of your seat and start yelling when you get a good grade on a test. The boy acted in a way that most students wouldn’t.

I think I should alter this idea to make it more about nonconformity. What if the boy was yelling like this in a library?


Scan 2

Scan 1

Scan 3.jpeg


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