40: No Directive: Pink Soccer Ball

40: No Directive: Pink Soccer Ball

Scenario/Story: A young boy is in a kitchen. He is looking for a bowl so he can eat cereal. He looks all over. He checks the cabinets, the sink, and the dishwasher. He cannot find a bowl anywhere and he becomes very frustrated. The boy sits down at the dinner table. He looks across the room and sees his sister’s new pink soccer ball. He smiles. He takes the ball, pops a hole in it with a fork, and squeezes the air out. Then, he uses the deflated shape as a bowl. He eats cereal and appears to be very happy.

Nonconformity? This idea is intended to be somewhat comedic. I think it shows how sometimes, doing something in an unusual way can work out. (maybe not for your sister). This idea is also pretty rebellious.


Scan 2 copy 3.jpeg

Scan 3.jpeg

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