41: No Directive: Cliff Diving

41: No Directive: Cliff Diving

Three years ago, I went to Hawaii to visit my sister. While I was there, I did many things. The most exciting thing I did was go cliff diving.

Idea: MLS shows footage of people doing daring, incredible things. For example, cliff diving, sky diving, surfing, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, etc… Footage is shown very quickly. At the end of the clip, you see a MLS logo.

‘Do what makes you feel alive’

Nonconformity? I think that nonconformity/MLS is a little more abstract in this idea.

Actually, maybe this idea isn’t about nonconformity at all? I think this idea is just about doing things that make you feel different. I may need to change it.


Scan 2.jpeg

Scan 3 copy.jpeg

Scan 1.jpeg


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