43: Structure/Embracing Change: Kaleidoscope

43: Structure/Embracing Change: Kaleidoscope

This idea is intended to be very visually interesting.

Idea: Someone is walking into a MLS stadium. They have a kaleidoscope in their hand. The person is looking through the kaleidoscope. Suddenly the camera zooms in and you see what they are seeing. You see the stadium, the bleachers, the field, the soccer players, etc… Everything looks very geometric and colorful. The person lowers the kaleidoscope from their eye and everything goes back to normal. You see a MLS logo.

‘Be colorful’

‘Change your persepective’

‘See things differently’

Nonconformity? I think I need to alter this idea to make it more nonconforming.

What if the person walking into the stadium was dressed in an really weird way? What if he was wearing some sort of costume? A space suit? A cowboy outfit? A dinosaur costume?


Scan 1.jpeg

Scan 1 copy.jpeg

Scan 1.jpeg


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