44: Structure/Embracing Change: Painted Faces

44: Structure/Embracing Change: Painted Faces

Many MLS fans paint their faces when they go to games. But what if they painted their faces and went other places?

Idea: Crazy face paint. You see several young adults. They are all standing in front of a huge mirror. A girl shows up with a box of paint. Each person takes a different color out of the box. They paint their faces. They create designs. Some people paint their lips. Some people even get paint in their hair. These people go out. They go to a convenience store. They go to a shopping mall. They go to a restaurant. Everywhere they go, people are staring. They ignore the stares. Eventually these people drive to a MLS stadium. They get out of the car, go buy tickets, and enter the stadium. No one is staring at them. Most people in the stadium have painted faces. The game starts. You see a MLS logo.

‘Always be ready for game day’

‘It’s normal to wear makeup, why not paint your entire face?’


Scan 4.jpeg

Scan 3.jpeg

Scan 1 1


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