46: Structure/Embracing Change: Yin Yang

46: Structure/Embracing Change: Yin Yang

Yin yang is a Chinese term that describes how opposite forces fit together. It’s similar to the idea of ‘opposites attract’. It also describes the idea that everything is connected. Yin symbolizes negative energy, the moon, darkness, and water. Yang symbolizes positive energy, the sun, light, and fire.

I compared yin and yang to nonconformity and conformity and I came up with this idea.

Idea: You see a yin yang symbol. On the left side (yin), you see this list:


Do what you want to do

Be yourself

Be different

On the right side (yang), you see this list:


Do what other people want you to do

Be like other people

Fit in

You see a MLS logo

‘Choose yin, choose MLS’

‘Conformity and nonconformity, they may be connected, but NONCONFORMITY is better.

Unknown  Yin-yang_(Chinese_characters).svg.png

Scan 2.jpeg

Scan 4.jpeg

Scan 3.jpeg


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