47: Structure/Embracing Change: Winning Shot

47: Structure/Embracing Change: Winning Shot

Idea: MLS partners with a liquor brand to create new liquor flavors and new types of shot glasses. The liquor flavors could be chosen to appeal to MLS team cities (ex. Washington apple, Miami passionfruit). The shot glasses could be designed to represent MLS teams. The shot glasses could have a unique shape. They could be made from a unique material.

I think it would be smart for MLS to partner with a liquor brand that has a similar archetype (outlaw/rebel).

Possible liquor brands:

Bacardi Rum

Jack Daniels Whiskey

1800 Tequila

Espolón Tequila

Crystal Head Vodka

Nonconformity? I think that most liquor ads have somewhat of a nonconforming, rebellious feel. I think it would be really easy for MLS to use a liquor brand to show nonconformity.


hd_7f66510870b1dbd35f6cb7528206ae6b-600x373  1800_board_o_900.jpg  tumblr_m5lh6tCbGP1rxqdrro1_500.jpg

Scan 5.jpeg

Scan 6.jpeg

Scan 5.jpeg


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