48: No Directive: Archetype

48: No Directive: Archetype

What is MLS’s archetype?

In my opinion, the outlaw/rebel archetype suits MLS best. However, I think it’s possible that MLS could also have the motivator archetype.

The goal of the motivator archetype is to encourage people and get them involved in a cause. MLS is about nonconformity and rebelliousness, but it’s also about empowering people to be who they are. MLS encourages their fans to be themselves and do what makes them happy. MLS is somewhat motivational.

Idea 1 (outlaw/rebel archetype): MLS creates an ad showing MLS players doing rebellious things (ex. driving fast cars, tagging walls, drinking alcohol). The ad could have somewhat of a comedic feel. This would prevent MLS from making their players look bad. The ad would only be intended to show the outlaw/rebel archetype.


Idea 2 (motivator archetype): MLS creates ads showing MLS players doing things to help the community (ex. volunteering, planting trees, teaching kids how to play soccer). These ads could have a lighthearted, positive feel. These ads would make MLS look good. They would portray the motivator archetype.


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