50: No Directive: Logo Changes

50: No Directive: Logo Changes

In my opinion, the MLS logo is a little boring. I’ve noticed that a lot of brands have a basic shape for their logo, but that they often alter their logos to make them look more interesting. What if MLS did this?


Idea 1: MLS makes subtle changes to their logo to make it look more interesting. MLS could create many different variations of the logo. These variations could be designed to look rebellious (kind of like the Volcom logo below).

Examples (subtle changes):


Idea 2: Kids draw the MLS logo. MLS could get a group of kids to draw pictures for MLS. They could draw the MLS logo. They could try the MLS team logos. They could also draw pictures of MLS players. Kids could definitely make the MLS logo look more interesting.


Scan 5.jpeg

Scan 6.jpeg

Scan 8.jpeg


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