52: No Directive: Touch

52: No Directive: Touch

I really like this Audi ad. It’s very simple and to the point. It shows how a man can touch different objects and they instantly become better. I like how there is no script for this ad. I think it says a lot without saying anything at all.

How can I relate this ad to MLS and come up with a similar, but new, idea?

Scenario/Story: A MLS player wakes up in the morning. His alarm goes off. He taps the alarm and suddenly it becomes covered with rock band stickers. He goes to the kitchen. He touches a coffee maker and it turns into a speaker playing loud music. He goes to his closet. He picks out a collared shirt and it turns into a studded leather jacket. He walks out his front door and goes to his mailbox. When he touches it, it turns into an electric guitar. Finally, he goes to his car. When he touches it, it stays the same. The car is an Audi.

‘Rock on and watch MLS’

‘Drive an Audi, watch MLS, and rock on’

This idea uses rock culture to show nonconformity.

Scan 5.jpeg

Scan 6.jpeg

Scan 10.jpeg


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