47: Structure/Embracing Change: Winning Shot

47: Structure/Embracing Change: Winning Shot

Idea: MLS partners with a liquor brand to create new liquor flavors and new types of shot glasses. The liquor flavors could be chosen to appeal to MLS team cities (ex. Washington apple, Miami passionfruit). The shot glasses could be designed to represent MLS teams. The shot glasses could have a unique shape. They could be made from a unique material.

I think it would be smart for MLS to partner with a liquor brand that has a similar archetype (outlaw/rebel).

Possible liquor brands:

Bacardi Rum

Jack Daniels Whiskey

1800 Tequila

Espolón Tequila

Crystal Head Vodka

Nonconformity? I think that most liquor ads have somewhat of a nonconforming, rebellious feel. I think it would be really easy for MLS to use a liquor brand to show nonconformity.


hd_7f66510870b1dbd35f6cb7528206ae6b-600x373  1800_board_o_900.jpg  tumblr_m5lh6tCbGP1rxqdrro1_500.jpg

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46: Structure/Embracing Change: Yin Yang

46: Structure/Embracing Change: Yin Yang

Yin yang is a Chinese term that describes how opposite forces fit together. It’s similar to the idea of ‘opposites attract’. It also describes the idea that everything is connected. Yin symbolizes negative energy, the moon, darkness, and water. Yang symbolizes positive energy, the sun, light, and fire.

I compared yin and yang to nonconformity and conformity and I came up with this idea.

Idea: You see a yin yang symbol. On the left side (yin), you see this list:


Do what you want to do

Be yourself

Be different

On the right side (yang), you see this list:


Do what other people want you to do

Be like other people

Fit in

You see a MLS logo

‘Choose yin, choose MLS’

‘Conformity and nonconformity, they may be connected, but NONCONFORMITY is better.

Unknown  Yin-yang_(Chinese_characters).svg.png

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45: Structure/Embracing Change: Be Your Own Designer

45: Structure/Embracing Change: Be Your Own Designer

In my opinion, nonconformity is an important aspect of the fashion industry.

I think nonconformity is important to the fashion industry because there is a lot of competition. There are a lot of clothing brands and there are a lot of designers. If a brand or designer wants to be successful, they need to create clothing that stands out.

I also think that a lot of people show nonconformity through the clothing they wear.

How can I use clothing to show nonconformity/MLS?

Idea 1: You see a white designer suit. I looks perfect, as if it was just purchased. The suit is hanging in a white room. All of the sudden, a soccer ball covered in mud hits the suit and causes it to fall on the floor. You see a MLS logo.

‘Be your own designer’


Idea 2: You see a white designer purse. I looks perfect, as if it was just purchased. The purse is sitting in a white room on a white surface. All of the sudden, a soccer ball covered in mud hits the purse and knocks it over. You see a MLS logo.

‘You can’t fit your soccer gear in that’


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44: Structure/Embracing Change: Painted Faces

44: Structure/Embracing Change: Painted Faces

Many MLS fans paint their faces when they go to games. But what if they painted their faces and went other places?

Idea: Crazy face paint. You see several young adults. They are all standing in front of a huge mirror. A girl shows up with a box of paint. Each person takes a different color out of the box. They paint their faces. They create designs. Some people paint their lips. Some people even get paint in their hair. These people go out. They go to a convenience store. They go to a shopping mall. They go to a restaurant. Everywhere they go, people are staring. They ignore the stares. Eventually these people drive to a MLS stadium. They get out of the car, go buy tickets, and enter the stadium. No one is staring at them. Most people in the stadium have painted faces. The game starts. You see a MLS logo.

‘Always be ready for game day’

‘It’s normal to wear makeup, why not paint your entire face?’


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43: Structure/Embracing Change: Kaleidoscope

43: Structure/Embracing Change: Kaleidoscope

This idea is intended to be very visually interesting.

Idea: Someone is walking into a MLS stadium. They have a kaleidoscope in their hand. The person is looking through the kaleidoscope. Suddenly the camera zooms in and you see what they are seeing. You see the stadium, the bleachers, the field, the soccer players, etc… Everything looks very geometric and colorful. The person lowers the kaleidoscope from their eye and everything goes back to normal. You see a MLS logo.

‘Be colorful’

‘Change your persepective’

‘See things differently’

Nonconformity? I think I need to alter this idea to make it more nonconforming.

What if the person walking into the stadium was dressed in an really weird way? What if he was wearing some sort of costume? A space suit? A cowboy outfit? A dinosaur costume?


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42: No Directive: The Cloud Walker

42: No Directive: The Cloud Walker

I was researching nonconformity and I found an interesting term. The term is nefelibata. I found this definition.

Nefelibata-‘cloud walker’, one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams, one who does not obey the conventions of society, literature, or art

I came up with this story.

Story: There once was a very curious boy. His name was Claus. Claus was always wandering around. He was always looking for something that he couldn’t find, a cloud. Claus knew what clouds looked like. They were white and puffy. Claus didn’t understand why he couldn’t find one. One day, Claus wandered onto a soccer field. He found a soccer ball. Several kids walked over to Claus. They asked him if he wanted to play. He said yes. Claus and the other kids played soccer all day. Claus felt as if he was walking on clouds. He found what he was looking for.

I’m not exactly sure where this idea came from, or if it makes any sense. I do think that the cloud walker represents nefelibata, and nefelibata represents nonconformity. This idea is very abstract.

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41: No Directive: Cliff Diving

41: No Directive: Cliff Diving

Three years ago, I went to Hawaii to visit my sister. While I was there, I did many things. The most exciting thing I did was go cliff diving.

Idea: MLS shows footage of people doing daring, incredible things. For example, cliff diving, sky diving, surfing, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, etc… Footage is shown very quickly. At the end of the clip, you see a MLS logo.

‘Do what makes you feel alive’

Nonconformity? I think that nonconformity/MLS is a little more abstract in this idea.

Actually, maybe this idea isn’t about nonconformity at all? I think this idea is just about doing things that make you feel different. I may need to change it.


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